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Evaluation of physical activity level, sleep and life quality in HIV/AIDS patients


Studies demonstrated that HIV/AIDS carriers presents an inactive lifestyle and bad sleep quality. Both parameters interfere negatively in these individuals’ life quality. However, little is known about these indicators between this population. Then, this research hypotheses that HIV/AIDS carriers has a reduce level of physical activity, bad sleep quality and compromised lif quality.


Evaluate physical activity level, sleep and life quality among HIV/AIDS carriers and the relation between life and sleep qualities.


Observational study with quantitative approach has evaluated the physical activity level (PAL) by the IPAQ, short version; life quality (LQ) by WHOQOL-HIV-bref, sleep quality (SQ) by the Pittsburg Index (PSQI) and insomnia by the insomnia gravity index (IGI), between men with HIV/AIDS. Normalcy of the data was analyzed by the Shapiro-Wilk test, with the Effect Size test applied with life and sleep quality between the poorly active, the active and the largely active groups. For those, was utilized Cohen d and we considered the respectively sizes: small effect d > 0.2, moderate effect >0.5, and great effect d> 0.8, with the Kruskal-Wallis test used to evcaluate the LQ, SQ and IGI between groups with PAL poorly, active and largely active levels. To evaluate the correlation between LQ, SQ and IGI, the Spearman Correlation test was used. A significance level of o< 0.05 was considered.


In this study, 39% if the subjects were considered largely active, 39% active and 22% poorly active. There was no statistic difference in sleep quality, insomnia and life quality in the evaluated groups (P > 0.05). We noticed strong positive correlation between life and sleep quality (r = 0.757; p = 0.000) and negative correlation between sleep quality and the insomnia gravity index (r = 0.479; p = 0.006).


In young adult male with HIV/AIDS, we checked that the physical activity level seems to interfere with life and sleep quality, and also with insomnia. There was correlation between life and sleep quality and between sleep quality and insomnia.


HIV/AIDS, physical activity, sleep quality.


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Rogério Andrade Barbosa, Larissa Isabelle Soares de Souza, Anderson Igor Silva Souza Rocha, Alex Andrade Araújo, Maria Socorro Brasileiro Santos, Amilton da Cruz Santos, Aline Albuquerque Nóbrega Rabay