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Association between social jetlag and diet quality throughout pregnancy


Social jetlag (SJL) - a measured of the misalignment between biological and social time – is highly prevalent in modern society and has been associated with obesity and changes in food consumption.


The focus of this study was to evaluate the influence of SJL throughout the gestational trimesters on diet quality.


A longitudinal study was conducted with 100 pregnant women who were evaluated at the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy. Pregnant women were classified in four clusters according to the occurrence of SJL during pregnancy: without SJL during pregnancy (No-SJL); SJL in one trimester (1-SJL); SJL in two trimesters (2-SJL); and SJL in three trimesters (3-SJL). Food intake was evaluated by three 24-h food recall in each gestational trimester. Diet quality was assessed using the Brazilian Healthy Eating Index-Revised (BHEI-R). Generalized Estimating Equation models were used to determine the effects of the SJL in the diet quality during pregnancy.


Higher scores of the whole grains component (p=0.022) were found in the “3-SJL” group when compared to pregnant from “NO-SJL”, “1-SJL” and “2-SJL” clusters throughout gestation. Furthermore, higher scores of the sodium component (p=0.002) were found in the “NO-SJL” cluster when compared to “2-SJL” and “3-SJL clusters throughout gestation.


Pregnant women presented a difference in the score of components of the BHEI-R, demonstrating that the occurrence of SJL during pregnancy seems to modify the quality of the diet.


social jetlag, diet quality, pregnancy


Área Básica


Department of Obstetrics, Hospital and Municipal Maternity of Uberlandia - Minas Gerais - Brasil, Federal University of Uberlandia - Minas Gerais - Brasil


Laura Cristina Tibiletti Balieiro, Cristiana Araújo Gontijo, Gabriela Pereira Teixeira, Luisa Pereira Marot, Walid Makin Fahmy, Yara Cristina de Paiva Maia, Cibele Aparecida Crispim