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Chronotype, morning light exposure, sleep quality, daytime sleepiness and attention in adolescents


The sleep-wake cycle (SWC) and attention are modulated by the light-dark cycle. Studies suggest that nighttime light exposure may influence chronotype expression, sleep quality and daytime sleepiness in adolescents.


The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between chronotype, morning light exposure, sleep quality, daytime sleepiness and attention in adolescents.


73 adolescents of both sexes participated (48 girls), mean age was 15±0.7 years, in the morning shift and early years of high school from Rio Grande do Norte-RN. Actiwatches were used for 10 days to collect information on SWC and light intensity (exposure from wake-up until classroom entry); Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and Pediatric Daytime Sleepiness Scale were answered; Attention was assessed by a Continuous Performance Task, measuring sustained and selective attention, tonic alertness and phasic alertness, and the overall stability of task execution.


Chronotype correlated with daytime sleepiness (r=-0.68), sleep quality (r=-0.33), percentage of hits of sustained attention (r=0.20) and selective attention (r=0.18), TA (r=0.21); and overall stability of task execution (r=-0.32). The intensity of light from wake-up until the classroom entry tended to correlate with irregularity for bedtime (r=0.23) and with irregularity of sleep duration (r=-0.23).


This result indicates relationships among morning light exposure and bedtimes and sleep duration; however, a larger sample is needed to evaluate the role of light exposure in sleep-wake cycle and attention in adolescents.


chronotype; light exposure; sleep pattern; attention; adolescents.


Área Básica


Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León - - México, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte - Rio Grande do Norte - Brasil


Sabinne Daniele Galina, Jane Carla Souza, Pablo Ramirez Valdez, Carolina Virginia Macêdo Azevedo