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Are sleep quality and body mass index associated? A cross-sectional study in older adults with low back pain


High body mass index (BMI) elevated can negatively impact the health in older adults. Poor sleep and low back pain are common comorbidities in this population. The literature has shown that BMI can be influenced in pain and sleep in adults. It is unclear in the literature the relationship between sleep and BMI in older people with low back pain. The sedentary lifestyle may be linked with a consequence of these changes.


To assess whether sleep quality can be associated with BMI in older people with low back pain


This is a cross-section study. The inclusion criteria were aged 60 years and over and had low back pain at the moment in interviewed or last 3 months and excluded those who did not agree to sign or informed consent and who did not have cognitive ability to answer questionnaires. Data on age, sex, education, smoking habits, alcohol consumption, income, mental status, depression, daytime sleepiness and number of comorbidities were collected through questionnaires.


A total of 212 participants were collected according to the inclusion and exclusion requirements. The mean (standard deviation) age was 70 (7.5). Most of the women sample was representing 77.4%. The average of BMI was 28.17 (5.0) and the mean sleep quality was 10.3 (3.19). Results from univariate regression analysis showed sleep quality was associated BMI. After adjusting of the covariables for age, gender, mental state, depression, and comorbidity, the sleep quality was not able to predict BM.


Our findings showed that sleep quality was not associated with BMI in the older adults with low back pain. Future studies should evaluate the sleep quality objectively to control bias of memory.


Low back pain, older adults, sleep


Área Clínica


Viviane Akemi Kakazu, Rafael Zambelli Pinto, Ygor Matos, Marcia Franco, Sabrina Dias de Oliveira, Tayná Alves Dias, Rubens Negrão Filho, Sergio Tufik, Monica Levy Andersen, Priscila Kalil Morelhão