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Does sleep quality predict different physical activity levels? Cross-sectional study in older adults with low back pain


Sleep quality changes due to the aging process. It is not yet clear in the literature whether poor sleep quality can influence the intensity of physical activity in the elderly with low back pain.


To investigate whether sleep quality can predict different levels of physical activity in older people with low back pain.


This study was designed as a cross-sectional. Participants aged 60 and over were recruited. A face-to-face interview was performed at their homes and data were collected using the Modified Baecke Elderly Questionnaire, the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, the Daytime Sleepiness Scale, and participants were asked about the presence of low back pain at moment of the interview and/or in the last three months.


The final sample of this study included 225 elderly with low back pain. Among the participants, 77% were women. The mean age (standard deviation) was 71.07 years and the Body Mass Index averaged 28.27 (5.09) kg/m². The mean low back pain intensity of those participants was 4.52 (3.18), the average sleep quality was 10.92 (6.86), and the average total physical activity was 4.82 (4.03). The linear regression analysis demonstrated that sleep quality is not associated with physical activity of older adults with low back pain (β=-0.01 CI=-1.67 to 0.15 and p=0.95).


The results from this study showed sleep quality was not able to predict the levels of physical activity of the older population. This result may be due to the fact that our participants present a previous heath condition, such as low back pain. Future studies should investigate the domains of the sleep questionnaire related to physical activity levels.


Sleep quality, Physical activity, Low back pain, Older adults


Área Clínica


Ygor Matos Luciano, Rafael Zambelli Pinto, Marcia Rodrigues Franco, Lara Martins Bortolotti, Cynthia Gobbi, Roselene Modolo Lorenconi, Sergio Tufik, Monica Levy Andersen, Viviane Akemi Kakazu, Priscila Kalil Morelhão