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Association between sleep complaints and musculoskeletal injuries in young track athletes


Sleep is a physiologic process that plays a crucial role in human metabolic functions and it is essential for muscular recovery. Sleep restriction increases technical errors and affect decision making, which can be related to musculoskeletal injuries. Adolescents might be more exposed to situations that are detrimental to sleep quality.


To associate sleep complaints with musculoskeletal injuries in young track athletes.


The sample consisted of 30 athletes from Centro de Treinamento Esportivo, aged between 13 and 22 years and mean BMI of 21.21 ± 1.37 kg/m2. Participants answered the Sleep Complaint Questionnaire and retrospective musculoskeletal injuries data were collected from team's physical therapy department (considered last six months). Spearman's correlation coefficient was used to obtain the association between the variables of the Sleep Complaint Questionnaire and injuries. Finally, linear regression was performed. The significance level was set at α ≤ 5%.


The results showed that 23.3% of athletes reported poor sleep, 40% reported good sleep and 36.7% reported very good sleep. The mean of total sleep time was 07h22min±63.55 min (recommended 9 to 10h sleep for athletes) and the mean severity of injuries was 1.47±1.24 UA (1= no absence and 5 = severe or absence over 28 days). Significant negative correlations were found between the variables sleep complaint and total sleep time (r = -0.438; p = 0.016), sleep complaint and sleep quality (r = -0.472; p = 0.009) and significant positive correlation between somnambulism and injury severity (r= 0.577; p= 0.006). Linear regression data showed that sleep complaint influence 45% on total sleep time (R= 0.456; β= -0.456; p= 0.011); sleep complaint influence 49% on sleep quality (R= 0.494; β= -0.494; p= 0.006); and somnambulism is influenced 64% by injury severity (R= 0.646; β= 0.646; p = 0.002).


The presence of sleep complaints has negative implications on sleep duration and quality of young athletes, as well as implies in the increase of the severity of injuries.


Sleep, injury, athlete.


Área Clínica


Marina Costa Pinto, Marco Túlio de Mello, Samuel Silva, Fernanda Viegas, Luísa de Sousa Nogueira Freitas, Rafael Henrique Campos Pereira, Andressa Silva