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Sleep and Musculoskeletal Injuries in Adolescent Athletes


Sleep restriction is common in athletes, especially before competitions, and can impact their performance, as well as favoring the appearance of injuries.


Correlate the quantity of sleep and musculoskeletal injuries in adolescent athletes.


Nineteen athletics athletes (both sex) from the Centro de Treinamento Esportivo in the speed and jump categories, which competed at regional and/or national level, with an mean age of 16.89 ± 2.74 years and a mean BMI of 21.09 ± 1.42 kg/m2 participated in this study. The sleep variables were assessed by actigraph, participants were instructed to use it for ten days and maintain their usual sleep-wake cycle. The monitoring of musculoskeletal injuries was performed during the 6-month training period. Spearman's correlation coefficient and simple linear regression model were estimated for sleep and injuries variables. The significance level was α ≤ 5%.


The mean total sleep time (TST) was 07h13min ± 44min, sleep latency was 20.18 ± 10.47min, sleep efficiency was 82.49 ± 3.68% and the mean wake after sleep onset was 46.02 ± 12.42min. During this period, the incidence of eight musculoskeletal injuries was observed. The results showed significant negative correlation between TST and amount of injuries (r = -0.736; p = 0.001). The amount of injuries can be significantly explained by the reduction of TST (R² = 0.37; β = -0.611; p = 0.05).


The quantity of sleep is related and was able to predict the amount of musculoskeletal injuries in adolescent athletes, thus emphasizing the importance and impact of sleep on the athlete's health and sports performance.


sleep, athlete, injury, sport, actigraph


Área Clínica


Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Minas Gerais - Brasil


Fernanda Viegas, Juliana Melo Ocarino, Luísa Sousa Nogueira Freitas, Marina Costa Pinto, Lucas Alves Facundo, Fernanda Veruska Narciso, Marco Túlio Mello, Andressa Silva